With no site of origin or origin in time, a line continues without end. A wall or piece of sturdy paper provides a place to encounter a line, engage its impulse towards fragmentation and its inclinations for infinity.

Rather than starting with an anticipated image, my work begins with a strong sense of sound and an internal cadence particular to the moment. It’s an in-audible meeting that translates to motion and material.

line as letter, tether to cord, tether to utter, cord to code

Every drawing is unplanned. At different speeds, with tools in both hands, I draw lines that meet coherent forms and reckless intimate marks. And marking goes like this: a hard mark, fast mark, reasoned and backwards mark, marks that are known, interrupted, erased or dismantled. Drawing from the ladder at a larger scale, taped lines respond to site, histories and architecture. Rustling lines hyphenate the maker and viewer, and tether a rhythm to mark and place.

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